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Anna Robinson

Maids Beyond By Lidiane is hands down the best cleaning company I have ever used. First and foremost Lidiane and her crew are very professional and kind. They are always on time and know how to get the job done and cater to my every cleaning needs. I have a husband, two young ones and two dogs so life gets pretty hectic around here but thanks to Lidiane’s services I can spend time with my family and leave the cleaning to them. I always look forward to them coming and doing a very thorough job every single time. They pay attention to every detail such as baseboards, blinds, floors and even the way they fold the tissue paper. I absolutely love this company and will continue to use them in the years to come. They are trustworthy, honest and affordable. I highly recommend Lidiane and her crew for all your cleaning needs. 💛

Alison Thompson

My thoughts and revelation on Maids by Lidiane.... I had just moved into my new home. It was a labor of love that my husband and I had put our heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears into. We built it from the ground up. Not a task for the faint of heart. Obviously I wanted to keep it clean and in the best condition possible!! Who would clean it? With three kids, two dogs and a very active and busy life, it surely wasn’t going to be me! Enter Lidi. (Sound the trumpets and raise the roof!! 🙌🏼) A friend of mine recommended her to me after having used her for 10 years. I knew that if this person felt Lidi was good enough for her home, surely she was right for me! And she was.... I was so extremely pleased and satisfied with every visit from Lidi and her crew! Alas! I had my house cleaning crew for life! Hallelujah! Until....the day my dear, sweet husband told me “we have to cut some expenses”, and house cleaning was one of those.😢 I quickly went into recon mode to find a substitute cleaner that could do the job for less. “Quickly” turned into 9 months. 9 horribly dirty, unsatisfying, months. It wasn’t possible! My house was simply not the same without Lidi and her girls!😩 So at last, after months of dust bunnies and dirty windows, my husband and I made some financial decisions that allowed me to call Lidi and get her back!!! SATISFACTION! I can’t tell you what a relief it’s been to have Lidi and her girls back in my home. My house is once again clean and feels like the space we created it to be. Thank you Lidi and “crew”! You do a wonderful job and it shows that you truly enjoy what you do!
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