Cleaning Maintenance Sandy Springs

Imagine coming back from work and finding your house a mess. The kids raided in your cookie closet, the dog sat on the couch, and your living room looks like after Armageddon. All you want to do is have a nice dinner and take a long bath but, instead, you start vacuuming and scrubbing off the floors.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional making sure your house looks sparkling clean every day? Let all your house chores in the hands of a professional house cleaning Sandy Springs, Georgia based.

Our mission

My name is Lidiane Santos and I have been in the professional cleaning industry for 15 years, helping hundreds of people to enjoy quality time spent with their families, without worrying about how their homes look like.

My company provides high-quality and client-oriented cleaning services for residential homes in various locations in Georgia. Based on a unique combination of skills and techniques, Maids Beyond aims to become the best house cleaning service in the area, focusing exactly on what clients need.

Why Maids Beyond?

All maids have been professionally trained by Lidiane to meet the high requirements of our clients, whether we’re talking about vacuuming, laundry, cleaning upholstery or getting rid of pet hair for allergy-free homes.

Our complete services include, amongst others, top-to-bottom cleaning packages, emptying home for moving in or out services, premium maintenance cleaning, AND complimentary, FREE OF CHARGE Washing & Laundry services in Sandy Springs for our esteemed clients.

We guarantee all our works and can provide referrals upon request. We always train at least two maids to attend the needs of every house, meaning you will have someone handling your house chores every time you need.

We love pets and we know you do too but looking after them could prove difficult. Pets shed and leave plenty of hair behind that goes into your carpets and upholstery, which can lead to breathing difficulties and other health problems. For this reason, our maids will be extra careful whenever cleaning a pet-friendly property so that you and your family can breathe fresher, cleaner air.

But don’t take us for granted. Go online, on our website, and read some of the testimonials left by our happy customers, year after year. We take pride in our job and WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY about choosing us as well! So, next time you are looking for house maintenance services Sandy Springs-based, call us.

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WE'RE OPEN - A Clean Home Is A Safe Home

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